Removing Parenting Restrictions in Florida Divorce Cases Just Got Harder

To protect children in a divorce, a trial court sometime has to include parenting restrictions in the child custody order. Examples of protective restrictions are supervised visits, reductions in parenting time, counseling requirements, or requirements related to a parent’s substance abuse problem. Sometimes the restrictions are directly related to a parent’s problems or behavior, and

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So now I’m praying for the end of time

(Or why you really need a lawyer if you are dividing retirement benefits) The rock musician Meat Loaf, in his 1977 hit “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” makes a promise to love his girlfriend “until the end of time.” If you know anything about the song, you know that it was a poorly made promise.  

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Can you make handwritten changes to a Marital Settlement Agreement?

What happens when hand written changes are made to a printed Marital Settlement Agreement? In order to settle a divorce case in Florida, both spouses will need to sign a Marital Settlement Agreement (“MSA”). Typically, a MSA is presented in a printed format by one spouse to the other Sometimes, the spouse receiving the proposed

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Getting to “yes” in divorce

Litigate or Collaborate?    Amy and John are getting a divorce.  They are at a standstill over the number of weekday overnight they each will have with their two boys, ages 10 and 11. John would like to split the weekday overnights.  Amy would like all weekday overnights, every week.   To resolve their dispute, Amy

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A Change to Alimony Modification in Florida?

A Substantial and Unanticipated Change to Alimony Modification in Florida Do you need to show a substantial and unanticipated change of circumstances to modify alimony in Florida?  Maybe not. The Telephone Game Alimony modification law in Florida is like the “telephone game” children used to play in grade school.  In the telephone game, a message

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Division of Assets and Debts | Divorce and Family Law in Sarasota, FL

My latest addition to the site: Equitable Distribution. In a Florida divorce, the division of assets and debts is called Equitable Distribution.  The first step in Equitable distribution is to classify assets and liabilities as either marital, nonmarital, or mixed.  Next the assets and liabilities are valued.  Finally, the assets and debts are awarded. Source:

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