How do I get a Divorce in Florida

Everything you need to know about starting your family law case in Sarasota, Florida.


Divorce in Sarasota, Florida Divorce is a big step.  One of the biggest fears about divorce is the “unknown.”  Will I get to see my kids?  Will I be able to move? What will happen to my finances?  How much


Alimony in Your Sarasota Divorce Case Alimony can be a tough issue to resolve in your Sarasota divorce case.  Why?  Because, there is no set formula for determining alimony in Florida.   Adding to the complexity is the fact that there

Child Custody

Child Custody Basics for Sarasota Family Law Cases Child custody is determined by a Parenting Plan in Sarasota divorce and paternity cases.  In other words, the term for child custody in Florida is a Parenting Plan. I often have folks tell me that

Child Support

Child Support in Your Sarasota Family Law Case Child support for your case in Sarasota, Florida is calculated using a statewide schedule.  If you would like to review the detailed statute, I have provided the link: Section 61.30, Florida Statutes How

Free eBook – 10 Things to Do Before You File for Divorce

My in depth eBook on the 10 things to do before you file for divorce in Florida.

Collaborative Divorce

Find out why a Collaborative Divorce may be the best way to save your financial and emotional resources.

Florida Divorce Law Webinar

Free Florida Divorce Law Webinar The Free Florida Divorce Law Webinar will provide you with valuable information about the topics you will face in divorce, including: property division alimony child custody child support special local rules that apply to Manatee and Sarasota County. An

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I have been right where you are today. As a divorced father of two, I know divorce was not what you expected.

Whether you are contemplating divorce, or are in the middle of a contested Sarasota family law case, things start to get better now.

I have packed this website with content so that you won't be left in the dark about all the important issues in your Sarasota divorce case. If you want to find out even more, I encourage you to attend one of my free Florida Divorce Law Webinars. (Did I mention they are free?). If you want to talk in person now, please fill out the form below, or call to schedule a one-on-one appointment.

Reviews – Testimonials

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If you are looking for strong and fair representation from a knowledgeable attorney who can settle, mediate, or take a case to trial, Rob Marble is an excellent choice. Rob was able to guide me through the divorce process from filing to final settlement. Rob represented me in mediation and later in a collaborative divorce agreement. We were able to settle fairly and amicably without a trial, thanks to Rob. If a trial was needed, all parties knew Rob would be ready. This is the person to call.
Theresa Nicholson
Theresa Nicholson
23:09 03 Feb 17
He tales the time to explain and give meaningful advice...very helpful and professional!
Nina Neale
Nina Neale
19:57 23 Jun 17
Rob went above and beyond to help not only me but my children with my divorce case. The whole process was made easier and less stressful knowing that he was handling my case. He was able to work with my schedule and even did a lot of phone calls and emails with me knowing that was easier on all involved. Rob also made the process easy for my ex as he filled him in when he needed to be by contacting him personally.
Heather Lutz-Silver
Heather Lutz-Silver
12:30 03 Dec 16
Mr. Marble is an excellent attorney. I would strongly recommend you enlist his services for any of your legal needs. He is thorough, knowledgeable, fair, and extremely good at what he does. I retained him after the fact and definitely wish I had hired him on day one. I can't thank him enough for his help.
Pete Beauchamp
Pete Beauchamp
15:52 08 Nov 16
Rob was excellent! His even keeled temperament was just want I needed. He made me think realistically about my divorce. Guided me in negotiation that was fair for all. He thought about my kids, my home and most importantly about me!! He made sure I was well prepared with my mediation and financial affidavit. Thank you Rob for getting me thru this rough time in my life!!!
Anastasia Brotz
Anastasia Brotz
22:50 25 Oct 16