I hate being pressured into making a major decision before I am ready.  Instead, I like to educate myself first, and then decide. If you are at the point you are still gathering information, I hope this website is informative.  I also would encourage you to attend one of my Florida Divorce Webinars.  (By phone or your computer).  The Webinar is led by me, and provides a great overview of key Florida divorce law topics. If you would like to meet one-on-one, so that we can discuss your particular situation, I would be happy to schedule an initial consultation with you to take place at my office.  (Or by phone if that is more convenient).   The cost for an initial consultation is $300, and the consultation usually runs around 75 minutes. The easiest way to contact me to schedule an initial consultation is to fill out the form on the right of this page.  (Scroll down for mobile users).  When you submit the form, I will receive an email with the information you have provided.  If you submit the form during regular business hours, I will make every effort to personally contact you on that same day. Or, call me at 941-747-7000, and we will schedule an appointment.  

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