Changing Your Name After Divorce

Great post from divorce about the advantages and disadvantages of changing back to your birth name after a divorce. Many women decide to change their name either during the divorce or within a short time afterwards. There are a number of reasons to take this action; as well as a number of problems which

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7 Divorce Lessons I Had To Learn For Myself | Divorced Moms

Here are seven lessons about divorce I needed to learn on my own before moving on. Source: 7 Divorce Lessons I Had To Learn For Myself | Divorced Moms   As a divorce attorney in Sarasota, Florida my focus is to help you get a fair result in your lawsuit. However, divorce is much more than a lawsuit.  The Huffington

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Same Sex Divorce In Sarasota Florida

Same Sex Divorce in Sarasota, Florida If I have a valid same sex marriage from another state, can I get divorced in Sarasota, Florida?  Yes, assuming you meet the standard jurisdictional requirements for divorce in Florida. In a recent decision from Florida’s 2nd District Court of Appeals, the court ruled that a same sex couple, that

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Best Bagels in Sarasota, Florida

I admit it – I am a bagel junkie.  Unfortunately, finding a great bagel in Sarasota, Florida is not an easy task.  I have nothing against chain stores like Eisenstein Bagels or Panera Bread – but in my opinion the bagels you get at these stores are just “okay.” After a lot of searching, I have found, what

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Want to Pay Less Child Support? First Wash Your Hands

  You May Need to Have “Clean Hands” Before Reducing Your Child Support  in Sarasota, FL Do you owe back child support in your Sarasota divorce or paternity case?  If so, you may need to solve that problem before you ask the court to modify your child support award. In a recent case from Florida’s Second District

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