Florida Parenting Plans: Try Before You Buy

In the real world, when something is not working for our kids we change it.  If the soccer team has a bad coach, we gracefully switch teams or leagues.  If our child’s cheer-leading team is taking up too much family time, we make a change.  If a great babysitter has moved two hours away, we find a

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Changing Your Name After Divorce

Great post from divorce divorcestage.com about the advantages and disadvantages of changing back to your birth name after a divorce. Many women decide to change their name either during the divorce or within a short time afterwards. There are a number of reasons to take this action; as well as a number of problems which

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7 Divorce Lessons I Had To Learn For Myself | Divorced Moms

Here are seven lessons about divorce I needed to learn on my own before moving on. Source: 7 Divorce Lessons I Had To Learn For Myself | Divorced Moms   As a divorce attorney in Sarasota, Florida my focus is to help you get a fair result in your lawsuit. However, divorce is much more than a lawsuit.  The Huffington

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Same Sex Divorce In Sarasota Florida

Same Sex Divorce in Sarasota, Florida If I have a valid same sex marriage from another state, can I get divorced in Sarasota, Florida?  Yes, assuming you meet the standard jurisdictional requirements for divorce in Florida. In a recent decision from Florida’s 2nd District Court of Appeals, the court ruled that a same sex couple, that

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Best Bagels in Sarasota, Florida

I admit it – I am a bagel junkie.  Unfortunately, finding a great bagel in Sarasota, Florida is not an easy task.  I have nothing against chain stores like Eisenstein Bagels or Panera Bread – but in my opinion the bagels you get at these stores are just “okay.” After a lot of searching, I have found, what

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