The Next Step

Now What?

You are actually thinking about getting divorced.  You never thought that would happen.  This is not what you planned.

The Way Things Were

Things were different back then.  You were in love.  You were a team. When there were problems you talked them through.  You worked as a couple to make a better future for the two of you, and your children.

The Way Things Are Now

Now there is nothing but stress.  You work hard to pay the bills –because you are a responsible adult.  But now, going home after work has a hollow feeling.  You spend as much time as you can with your children.  But as a couple, you either ignore each other, or argue.  The arguing is about everything and nothing:

  • money
  • the kids
  • in-laws
  • who is working harder
  • going out with friends

You have had your ups and downs in the past – every couple has.  This is different.  Things are being said that can’t be taken back.  The children are walking on eggshells, and are afraid of what is happening.

This is not what you planned.  Maybe this is something your spouse is pushing on you.  Maybe this is something you know needs to be done.  Either way, something needs to change.

The Next Step

Divorce is a big step to take – it is closing one door and opening another.  You have real concerns about stepping off into the unknown:

  • What will happen with the kids?
  • Will you need to pay child support or alimony?
  • Will you lose the house?
  • Will there be never ending litigation and attorney’s bills?

Is doing nothing really the solution?  Or is it time to take control of the situation.  


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