7 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Your Family Law Case

1. Protect Your Children, Property, And Your Finances: Your spouse’s lawyer has a duty to get the best possible results for your spouse. Who is on your side looking out for you and your interests? You need a lawyer who is experienced in cases like yours, and knows how to look out for you.

2. Do Not Get Caught In The Maze: Have you ever played a game where you did not know all the rules. If you represent yourself, you will be held to the same standard as a licensed attorney. Do you know the statutes and case law that will determine your case? Do you understand the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, the Rules of Evidence, and the specific requirements for the family division judges and magistrates in Manatee and Sarasota Counties? Trying to represent yourself when you do not know the rules is an exercise in frustration.

3. Do It Right the First Time: It is easier to do something right the first time, than to clean up a mess after it has happened. It is easy for someone representing themself to make a mistake in preparing or answering a petition, meeting a deadline, serving and filing documents properly, and drafting final agreements. In almost every case, the cost to fix a problem after it has happened is much more expensive than if your case
had been handled by an experience attorney from the beginning.

4. Know Your Options: A good lawyer will talk to you about realistic options in yours case strattera capsule online. Knowing your options will enable you to make an informed decision about your future.

5. Settling Your Case: Most family law cases can be settled in a way that is fair to both sides. Without the experience of a lawyer who handles cases like yours on daily basis, you may be giving away too much. (You may also be overreaching, which could result in the court requiring you to pay the opposing party’s attorney’s fees).

6. Resources: Family law cases often require “experts” like parenting evaluators, psychologists, medical doctors, property appraisers, vocational experts, accountants, business valuation experts, and private investigators. A good lawyer will know the right people to assist you in your case.

7. Emotions: Family law cases are emotional. When people let their emotions take over they often make a short run decisions that hurt their long run interests. A good lawyer will help you

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